The (mostly) crockpot picky eaters top 10.

If you follow me on Instagram you knew this post was coming. If you don’t follow me…well what are you waiting for?
Just kidding!
But if you don’t follow me though, I usually share in my stories whatever yummy stuff I’m cooking up in the Crock-pot. I try to incorporate veggies because Shawn (my son) is super picky when it comes to eating veggies.
I’ve always loved to cook. My mom would always let me be in the kitchen with her a lot growing up I also think she was partially grooming me to be a wife. I even went to culinary school….well for a semester LOL!
But you know that feeling when you make something for the first time and everyone LOVES it. Cooking to me can be fun I always feel so satisfied when people love my food but that’s when I WANT to do it. There’s days where you just wake up tired and don’t feel like doing shit… know that day where you wake up in a weird funky mood and you can tell its gonna be a shit show and you’re just done before you’ve even started!
Well on those days I like to think everyone in the house is happy that we have two Crock-pots at our disposal! I seriously love the simplicity of being able to just dump it all in one pot and forget about it all day. If I’m feeling extra energized and I want to get fancy I’ll do a recipe that requires a bit of prep. Sear the meat, make a roux, or boil the pasta easy but still a few extra steps.
I’m going to sharing a few links to my favorite “Shawn approved” recipes because let’s face it if this kid eats it, I know anyone will! I’ll share what we like to pair them with and any little things I may add or omit to the recipe.
Número Uno;
Crock-pot carnitas, these are a go-to hit for a multitude of dinners that my child will eat. Tacos obviously, we also use them for burritos, just as meat paired with arroz y frijoles. Maybe you want breakfast for dinner? These are PERFECT for chilaquiles! This dinner is one that requires a little extra but not until the end. You’ll go ahead and pop them in the oven on broil for a little bit so they can crisp up, or you can totally bypass that step like I do when I’m feeling lazy AF and serve them not crispy. They’re still just as delicious they’re just not crispy like they should be.
Número Dos;
Fajitas! These fajitas are Paleo and whole 30 friendly. We usually just serve the fajita meat with arroz y frijoles and flour tortillas. Sometimes Shawn will have it in a burrito but he’s usually the only one. But this is one of the meals I’m proud of because then I’m getting Shawn to eat bell peppers and onions and he doesn’t even complain! I think it has a lot to do with the way the Crock-pot just kind of cooks everything down so much that the bell peppers don’t have a crunch to them.
Número Tres;
Beef Bourguignon. OK!! THIS RECIPE!! It’s SO delicious, if you follow the steps to a T!  This is one of the ones I’m talking about, you gotta’ get up a little earlier wipe the crust outta’ your eyes and get to it. If your already thinkin’ “damn I gotta get up even earlier?!” maybe you should just stop here LOL! With this one you gotta crisp some bacon, sear the meat, make a sauce, cut veggies, then toss it all in the crock pot to cook for 10 hours!
If I still have your attention after all that let me tell you waking up an extra 30 minutes earlier is SO worth it.  Shawn says it the mushrooms, carrots, and potatoes taste just like the meat he “can’t even tell they’re veggies”.  I serve this with mashed potatoes, white rice, or you could eat it as a stew since there is baby potatoes in there.
Número Cuatro;
Ropa Vieja. I know what you’re thinking old clothes?! But TRUST, this one is such a savory goodness. The beef needs to be seared but that’s it, then toss all the ingredients in the crock-pot and let it cook! The recipe calls for white rice and black beans. I swap the black beans for pinto mostly because I was already just worried Shawn wouldn’t eat black beans. I just like to pick my battles wisely with this kid and swapping out beans is not something worth the fight.
Número Cinco;
Cuban shredded beef sandwiches. These are really simple and delicious. Shredded beef that sits in the crock-pot with yummy simple ingredients for hours while your at work. They’re served on buns or rolls with mayo and avocado slices. If I slice the avocados Shawn won’t eat them….if I mash them with the mayo and use it as a spread he’s fine (go fuckin’ figure). I usually serve this with a green salad because I feel like extra carbs with the bread of the sandwich is too much carbs but that’s just me.
Número Seis;
Philly cheese-steak. This is another recipe where we luck out with Shawn eating the bell peppers. Plus the philly is loaded with cheese and he’s alllll for the cheese. There’s really not much too this one I mean it’s simple they’re cheese steaks. Also this is another one i like to serve with a green salad because I’m weird about carbs with carbs on carbs. I need some sort of balance yaddamean?
Número Siete;
French dip sandwiches…yesssss another sandweeeech. These are pretty simple as well you do have to do some slight prepping but its just searing the roast so it can brown. Then you toss it in the crock-pot and let it chill for hours on end while you’re at work dealing with stank customers. When you get home you’ll pull the meat out of the crock-pot shred it. Put it on the rolls top it with some provolone and broil it to melt the queso. Pull em out of the oven and serve with juice from the crock-pot so you can dip (when i dip, you dip, we dip!)

These next few ones aren’t crock-pot recipes but they’re really easy ones that Shawn will eat and one of them I actually do my own crock-pot variation of it. So I’ll give you my version and the recipe that’s linked will be the full cooking version.
 Número ocho;
Smothered burritos. These burritos are simple and yummy they require you to bake the chicken for 30 minutes. Honestly for me the idea of having to come home and turn the oven on just sounds like so much. So I do the chicken and seasonings (taco seasoning, cumin, salt, pepper, i add garlic and onion powder too) then about a cup of (water, broth, or stock of your choice). The sauce is a combo of Chile verde, sour cream, and seasoning. This dinner is as easy as shred, assembly, and bake. These can be hit or miss with Shawn it really depends on his mood. Sometime he LOVES the sauce they’re smothered in and sometimes he makes a face but I’m still adding it to the list. More often than not he’ll eat them.
Número nueve;
Chicken and broccoli stuffed shells. This recipe is another recipe I modify. I cook the chicken and the broccoli in the crock-pot. Broccoli is a very big NO on Shawn’s radar and for some reason this is the only recipe I can get him to willingly eat the broccoli.
Número diez;
Chicken parm zucchini boats & Lasagna zucchini boats
These two meals are pretty much identical so I’m linking them both down here with only the one description. The meat for these two are pretty interchangeable. One calls for ground chicken the other ground beef. I’ve used ground beef, ground turkey, and ground chicken. They are all sooo yummy and because lasagna and chicken parm are usually paired with pasta I will do a garlic bread and a salad with them.
Side note; zucchini’s are the ONLY veggie Shawn will eat with no complaints EVER! I honestly don’t even know why because they’re not even my favorite or Scotty’s but whatev’s at least hes eating something good right?
Drop a comment to let me know which of these you’ll be trying out or tag me on Instagram @MamaBoJangles_ so I can see what you pair your meals with! I hope you love them if you try them.

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