Selfish, in a good way!

2018 for me was the year of ME.

I selfishly thought of myself.

I selfishly loved myself harder than ever before!

I selfishly looked at ways to improve my way of life.

As a mama that word “selfish” sometimes comes with backlash.


Because as moms, the moment you find out you’re pregnant,you know that it is no longer about you.

En esta vida no existe algo mas valioso que tu hijos.**

You have to guide, teach, and build them up to be kind humans because that’s what the world needs more of.

We desperately need more compassion, kindness, and amor!***

Let me tell you, you cannot!

Absolutely CANNOT help fill your children’s emotional tank to full if you yourself are running on E.

Whether you are a working mom, a SAHM, a work from home mom, or whatever kind of mama you may be. At the end of the day you need to find a way to schedule some you time.

Now “you time” is absolutely different for everyone.

Some mamas enjoy a trip to the nail salon, getting a massage, going for drinks with your girls, exercising, or getting some yarn and just zoning out to create.

Whatever your niche may be, schedule some time for it!

So for 2018 the year of me, I started thinking BIGGER. I started thinking not only about me but the planet and more long term issues that weighed heavy on my heart and soul!

What selfish changes could I start to make in my life for me and my life?

I started purging items from the house, items that gave me no joy or brought no value to my life anymore.

I focused on switching over to cleaner products for me, my family, and the planet.

I started thinking about where I was spending my money because voting with your dollars is REAL!

I learned about B corporations, certified B Corps are corporations that meet the HIGHEST standards of verified social and environmental performance, public transparency, and legal accountability.

When I can shop small, I do!

Now, I can’t afford to shop small as much as I would love to because hello, balling on a budget over here.

So when I do make my way to my beloved Target.

I try to make sure to look at the brands I’m giving my money to because Target does carry items from B Corps and I’m ALLLL for it.

Another thing I started in 2018 that I am continuing to do this year is my capsule wardrobe. I’ve been so fascinated with the idea of LESS clothing!

If you like me, have hundreds of pieces of clothing yet still have “nothing to wear” think about the pieces you have if you didn’t wear them ONCE last year the chances of you wearing it this year are slim to none.

So last year was the start of a big purge I got rid of about 3 big black trash bags worth of clothing some was not good enough to donate and that got trashed immediately.

Now as much as I would love to say the stuff that I was able to donate was donated…I can’t!

Unfortunately it’s just sitting in that black trash bag in the trunk of my car with FULL intentions of being donated but as far as when that’s ACTUALLY going to happen, I’m not quite sure. LOL

After emptying out my closet of things I won’t be wearing anymore I ordered space bags.

The space bags are so I could complete a capsule wardrobe because less really is more if you have pieces that can be styled multiple ways. The idea of the capsule wardrobe for me is to be able to store off season clothing out of sight.

Fall/Winter clothes to be put away during the Spring/Summer when they’re not needed and vice versa.

Now you might be thinking, “How are spending differently, throwing away things, and living life differently, selfish?”

Plain and simple, #MomGuilt kicks in for the time I’m dedicating to these tasks which do make me feel selfish but for me these changes have made my heart and soul so much happier as a human and as a mama.

Giving myself the tools to better myself in the long run so that I can be happy, not stressed, so that I can create an amazing environment to do my best in raising tiny humans (well human at the moment but I do want more).


So ask yourself mama, have you been selfish enough?

Selfish enough to make sure your emotional tank is full so that you can properly fill the tanks of your little’s who are so intently looking up to you and your every move?

I’m here to tell you it’s OK!

OK to be selfish.

OK to think of yourself first.

OK to have some “you time”.

You mama, deserve it more than anyone!

Do yourself a favor and do something SELFISH you will not regret it!




**In this life nothing more valuable than your kids exist


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